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Halfway across the US & all the way back (Part 1)

A May 2001 trip to Urbana by Asia Traveler

Petrified Forest National Park Photo, Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona More Photos
Quote: My sister was moving out to California for the summer, so I decided to travel with her and make it into more of a road trip! We covered half of the US in 4 days and still managed to see some sights along the way.
Best Things Nearby:The Grand Canyon and Kaibab National Forest.Best Things About the Resort:There is convenient on-site access to the Grand Canyon. Stores and restaurants are also located on-site. Resort Experience:The Grand Canyon National Park campground, as with most of the national park campgrounds, is clean and well-maintained. It's relatively close to the main overlooks for the Grand Canyon, and there is shuttle bus service available from very early in the morning (allowing you to catch the sunrise). The only difficulty you may run into is getting a reservation! We visited (with a reservation) in late May, and the attendant mentioned that the...Read More

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Mather Campground
South Rim
Urbana, Illinois
1(800) 365-2267

Grand Canyon South Rim

Attraction | "Grand Canyon"

The Grand Canyon is a spectacular sight!! The view has been diminished in recent years due to pollution, but it still is grand. There are all sorts of levels of activities available. There are level walking paths that take you along the rim, more difficult ones that still keep you up top, and then it's possible to hike down into the canyon itself (one of my goals in life). My sister and I got up early to watch the sun rise - definitely worth it, but make sure to wear warm clothes!! We were there in late May, but until the sun comes up, it's chilly!! The buses start running early enough so that you can catch a ride from the campground to a viewing spot. Afterwards, we hiked a...Read More

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Grand Canyon South Rim

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Petrified Forest National Park Photo, Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona
The Petrified Forest is a nice side trip when traveling across Arizona. It is right off of I-40, and it will only take about 1 to 2 hours to visit the park (depending on how often you want to get out and look around). The petrified wood is very interesting - it looks almost real, but it is stone. Unfortunately, many people want to take part of the experience home with them, so it is slowly disappearing.

Visit http://www.nps.gov/pefo/ to plan your visit.

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Petrified Forest National Park

Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona 86028
(928) 524-6228

At the Grand Canyon (Mather campground), we went over to our neighbor's campground to borrow their mallet (we had failed to bring one) so that we could set up our tent. When we went to return it, we got to talking with the couple. Then the wife mentioned, "I think we saw you earlier today." "Really? When?" we ask. "Oh, we saw you at the visitor's center at the Petrified Forest," she told us. It was true, we had been there!! Fun times when you run across fellow travelers more than once on a road trip!!

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