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Emerson College, Boston

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Halloween 2004 Photo, Boston, Massachusetts More Photos
Quote: I'm a freshman at Emerson College in Boston. Let's see how I do.

Emerson College, Boston


Halloween 2004 Photo, Boston, Massachusetts
The Garment District, Cambridge, New York Pizza on Tremont, South Street Diner (open 24 hours a day), Haymarket for fresh fruit and veggies on Friday and Saturday (very affordable), the North End, and Modern or Mike's Pastry for cannolis.

Quick Tips:

If you're a student in the city, get a Student Advantage card. There are discounts galore. Also, check with places you shop or eat to see if they give discounts to students with college IDs.

Best Way To Get Around:

Take the T - definitely. Taxis are way overpriced. And there's walking of course.


Attraction | "Live music at the Avalon"

The venue was very cozy; it felt like the bands were very close. The sound was excellent; we could hear from any point in the club. The ceiling looked a little old and rundown, but it had a certain charm to it anyway, kind of an old barn or auditorium type of feel. The bar was really cool looking. There were couches to sit on upstairs. The crowd was pretty respectful.

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