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A June 2001 trip to Buffalo by rad89

Quote: I joined some friends for a vacation getaway. From Guelph, ON, we drove down through Niagara Falls, then went on to Buffalo, NY.

Darien Lake Theme Park Resort

Attraction | "Six Flags Dairen Lake"

Darian Lake six flags is a great attraction for all ages. Geared to those of an older age and full of roller coasters, this amusement park is a MUST-see if in the New York area.

If you strive for fast-paced action rides, then this park is for you. It is very close to Niagara Falls in Canada, where there are plenty of things to see.

The water park has a 10-gallon bucket that dumps it's contents at intervals throughout the day onto the spectators below.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on December 13, 2004

Darien Lake Theme Park Resort
9993 Allegheny Road (at Hwy 20 And Route 77)
Darien Center, New York 14040
(585) 599-4641