Canmore Journals

Rocky Vacation Getaway

A November 2004 trip to Canmore by ScotiaReymus

Quote: Relaxing and shopping in Canmore. We took a week off from our busy schedules to get away from the city and see the beautiful mountains.
Best Things Nearby:Great hiking, Banff, and Lake Louise.Best Things About the Resort:It is quiet and clean, has a friendly staff, and is fully equipped.Resort Experience:This has a very relaxing home-like setting, as it's very easy to feel right at home. You can hear the train like in other resorts in this community, but it is very faint; you'd have to be a really light sleeper to have it annoy you. Unit Type: 2 Bedroom Activities: Good Amenities: Fair Unit Satisfaction: Very Good Family F...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on December 11, 2004

Elkhorn at the Lodges
107 Montane Rd.
Canmore, Alberta
1(866) 678-3535