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One Brisk Day in Bar Harbor

An October 2004 trip to Bar Harbor by smmmarti guide

Cadillac Mountain Photo, Bar Harbor, Maine More Photos
Quote: A day trip to Mount Desert Island reveals granite cliffs, misty landscapes, lobsters, lighthouses speckling a rugged coastline, colorful residents, porcupine islands, and the East Coast’s most idyllic seaside resort, Bar Harbor.

Port Day in Bar Harbor

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Cadillac Mountain Photo, Bar Harbor, Maine
Local FlavorDon’t pronounce it, "Bah-ha-bah" unless you are actually from Maine. The natives don’t find it funny. As John Steinbeck reported in Travels with Charley, they may even give you faulty directions to get even. Only 5,000 people live in Bar Harbor, but the town swells with fair weather visitors. No surprise, the town formerly known as Paradise claims Eden as its main street and thrives on the tourist trade. Peeking into Bar Harbor’s shops and restaurants it’s obvious that cosmopolitan visitors influence the sophisticated selection of goods and services here. Stil...Read More