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The Capital of the Northeast

A December 2004 trip to Shenyang by jurgen

Fuling Mausoleum of Qing Dynasty Photo, Shenyang, China More Photos
Quote: In northeastern China, only 8 hours by train from Beijing, lies the metropolis that is Shenyang. Unknown by most travellers but a very nice destination.

The Capital of the Northeast


Shenyang, the capital city of Liaoning province, is located about 650km north of Beijing. With more than 7,3 million people, it is one of China's largest cities. Shenyang is has many large shopping malls, which makes it a great place for shopping. Also Shenyang has some great cultural attractions.Quick Tips: The very well preserved Imperial Palace (in Shenhe district) is really worth a visit. The palace is similar to the Beijing Forbidden City, but then without the huge amounts of tourist. After visiting one could shop for hours in one of the malls in the nearby shopping streets.Best Way To Get Around: Shenyang has good connections to the rest of China by rail, road, ...Read More
Fuling Mausoleum of Qing Dynasty Photo, Shenyang, China
This is the tomb of emperor Nurhachi and empress Xiaoci Gao of the Qing dynasty. The tomb is also called the East Mausoleum. The architecture of the tomb seems to be somewhat similar to that of the Forbidden City of Beijing. But to the trained eye, there will be a lot of nice details on display. According to the guidebook (also available in English), there are about 32 architectural styles on display in this complex, which covers about 540,000 square miles. The tomb is a very pleasant site to visit. There are very few tourists at this site, unlike some of the sites you may have visited in Beijing. The mausoleum is build on top of a hill, providing a very nice panorama over the city. Recently, the tomb...Read More

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Fuling Mausoleum of Qing Dynasty
Fuling, 10km northeast of the city centre
Shenyang, China

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