Perth Journals

The often undiscovered west

A travel journal to Perth by aussiechick

Quote: Perth, the world's most isolated city and capital of the biggest state in Australia is a place often overlooked by tourists, both international and those within Australia. Once you have visited you can appreciate what Perth can uniquely offer.

The often undiscovered west


Some have viewed Perth as dull. Admittedly, Perth is no rat race when compared to New York, London, or even Melbourne and Sydney, but it still has so much to offer. Within the city, Kings Park has it all: history, magnificent views of the city, beautiful gardens, and family-friendly fun. You are adorned by an array of choices in terms of stunning beaches along Perth's coast, and the old shipping town of Fremantle is a Sunday spot for locals, giving a magnificent picture of Perth's maritime history, as well as shopping opportunities in the famous Fremantle Markets and surrounding shops, with many cafés and restaurants, both formal and informal, to break up the day. The towns in the southwestern area (...Read More