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Carnaval in Manta

A February 2004 trip to Manta by Megan Hlavaty

Carnaval Madness Photo, Manta, Ecuador More Photos
Quote: Travelling along with the herds of Ecuadorians to the coast for Carnaval proved to be as crazy as it is talked up to be.

Carnaval in Manta

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Carnaval Madness Photo, Manta, Ecuador
I, along with six friends, went to the coast to celebrate Carnaval. After the long bus ride, we arrived to find ourselves locked out of the hostel we had made reservations at, so we waited until the morning to get in, showered, then headed out to the beach. The area called Malecon was a sight I hadn't seen anywhere else. There were seafood restaurants lining the beach, along with vendors of all sorts wandering around everywhere. Being that we were a group of eight gringos, and some being girls, we were like moving targets for the water balloons, squirt guns, paint, and baby powder that people threw. This is how they celebrate Carnaval in Ecuador -- by throwing water. It wasn't long after finding a spo...Read More

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Megan Hlavaty
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