Faridpur Journals

Faridpur -- Land of Personalities

A May 2004 trip to Faridpur by gazi shahid

Quote: Many memorable personalities were born in the Faridpur district, like poet Jasimuddin, social reformers Nawab Abdul Latif and Haji Shariatullah, national leaders Sheikh Mujib and Mohon Mia, singers Sanjida Khatun and Fakir Alamgir, cinematographers Mrinal Sen and Tareq Masud, artists Kalidas Karmaker and Rashid Chowdury, educationist Kazi Motahar Hossain, and many more.

Faridpur -- Land of Personalities


The rivers Padma, Kumar, Modhumoti, Aarial Kha, and Chandana have made the land of Faridpur fertile. The fertile land not only produces good crops, but also great personalities. When Bangladesh, in 1971, was going to be independent, it was internationally renowned as the country of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Hewas born in Tungipara in the then Faridpur district (now Faridpur has divided into five districts, i.e. Faridpur, Madaripur, Gopalgong, Shariatpur, and Rajbari ). Tungipara is now in the Gopalgong district. Mujib’s graveyard is also in Tungipara. Jasimuddin is called Pollikobi (poet of rural life). In his poems he has picked up the villagers’ real life. His poems have been tr...Read More