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Jessore is famous for Michael and Sultan

A November 2004 trip to Bangladesh by gazi shahid

Quote: Michael Madhusudan Dutta was a modern Bengali poet who first introduced sonnets in Bengali poetry. S.M. Sultan is the famous artist who is known to every modern artist of the world. Both of them were born in the Jessore district. Date-palm juice is another famous thing of Jessore.

Jessore is famous for Michael and Sultan


Jessore is the very old town of Bangladesh. It is home to one of the oldest libraries in the country. Jessore is also famous for date-palm juice. In winter, it is found in every village of the district. Another thing about Jessore worth mentioning is that the rate of unemployment is very low here, because most of the young people are self-employed. The young people of Godkhali (25 kilometers from Jessore town) cultivate flowers like tuberose and marigold extensively to import them at home and abroad. Young people of Chanchra in Jessore town have poultry farms, kitchen gardens, fish nurseries, and hatcheries. The farmers of Chanchra have won national and international awards for their ...Read More