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Mavericks and Gilded-Age Mansions of Newport

An October 2004 trip to Newport by smmmarti guide

The Breakers Photo, Newport, Rhode Island More Photos
Quote: Visitors to Newport can view gilded-age mansions lining Bellevue and Harrison Avenues or stroll the famed cliff walk. The mansions are Newport’s primary attraction; although, there is much more to Newport than "cottages." The history of the former homeowners is as compelling as the beauty of the residences themselves.
The Breakers Photo, Newport, Rhode Island
A Step Back Rhode Island was founded, officially, by Roger Williams after he was booted out of Boston for "dangerous opinions," such as opposing the king’s use of civil authority to enforce religious orthodoxy and to take land without compensating the native people. Fortunately, the Narragansett Indians took favor with Williams when the local Massachusetts magistrate did not. With a little help from friends, Rhode Island was off and running--rum-running, that is. The ports of the new settlements were rife with the Triangle Trade, ships sailing from Africa loaded with rum to trade for slaves to take to the West Indies and back to Rhode Island for raw goods and materials. Times were ...Read More