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Nice is lovely in the fall

An October 2004 trip to Nice by eva

Hotel Le Grimaldi Photo, Nice, France More Photos
Quote: Here are a few items of interest for those travellers to Nice, France, and the surrounding areas.

Hotel Le Grimaldi

Hotel | "Grimaldi Hotel"

Hotel Le Grimaldi Photo, Nice, France
This 43-room hotel is a well run, compact hotel, located just a few blocks from the major shopping district of Nice. There are two buildings with a connecting courtyard; thus, there are two separate entrances, with two separate dining rooms for breakfast (breakfast is 15 euros per day, or 10 euros if you opt upon check-in to have breakfast every day, and includes croissants, jams, eggs, and chocolate. I would recommend not having breakfast every day and exploring Nice for other breakfast spots at better prices -- there are several). We stayed in a junior suite, since we were travelling with our 11-month-old baby. The room was spacious, with separate shower, bath, and toilet rooms. The shower had g...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on November 4, 2004

Hotel Le Grimaldi
15, rue Grimaldi
Nice, France 06000
+33 (0)4 93 16 00 24



Boulangerie Photo, Nice, France
Although I'm uncertain of the exact address, you won't miss this boulangerie on the corner of the above-mentioned streets, due to the green awning and the lovely smells of fresh-baked bread beckoning you in. While most bakeries bake in the wee hours, this place continues to bake during business hours, ensuring the freshest bread will be on-hand to satisfy hungry customers. Lines during morning and afternoon rush hours can go out the door and around the block. Service is fast here, so the wait shouldn't keep you away. The pastries here are so divine -- lots of pain au chocolat (light as air), fruit tartes, napoleans, eclairs, a cheesecake made from fromage blanc, hazelnut tortes, several types of quic...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on November 4, 2004

Corner of Rue de la Liberteand Alphonse Karr
Nice, France