Madrid Journals

Memories of Madrid

A June 1994 trip to Madrid by adm

Quote: My very first trip overseas was to Spain. I have very fond memories of the week I spent in the capital. Madrid is a place I return to often in my mind.

Memories of Madrid

Best Of IgoUgo


The art museums and the parks are very beautiful and probably my favorite places here. The Plaza Mayor is a spot you should not miss, especially at night. Also, don't forget to try the tapas bars!!

Quick Tips:

It is pretty easy to get to other parts of Spain from Madrid. Try to plan a trip to a different city or region while you are there. The contrasts between Spain's various areas might surprise you.

Best Way To Get Around:

With a map, walking is no problem. The metro system in Madrid is excellent and very clean!! Pick up maps of the city and the subway for free at the airport.
Taxis are very cheap and safe too.