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An October 2004 trip to DuBois by BK

Quote: It was autumn, so the colors were beautiful. We were a bit late in the year, but being from the Golden State, the colors were wonderful to see. That was our main purpose. The resort, Silverwoods at Treasure Lake, was great.
Best Things Nearby:Alleghney National Forest; Punxataney Phils home; Elk herds in St. Marys and the Straub Brewery; the Indiana, Pennsylvania Jimmy Stewart Museum; Amish Village near Snicksville..Best Things About the Resort:Beautiful trees, lake, and two geat golf courses. The condo was well planned with a fireplace and setting on the golf course. Wildlife is nearby.Resort Experience:This is a great place to spend time during any season of the year. Skiing, golfing, swimming, sailing, eating, and just good living are part of the plesures of the resort. It is easy to get to by taking a plane into State College, Pennsylvania from Washington DC. There is ...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on October 28, 2004

Silverwoods at Treasure Lake
1 Coral Reef Road
DuBois, Pennsylvania
(814) 375-1800

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