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Eastern Canada

A September 2000 trip to Charlottetown by Steve Elliott

Quote: Excellent place to visit is Prince Edward Island. Extremely friendly (everyone says hello when they pass you by). Has many little harbors and inlets. Beaches where you may be the "only" one there. Beautiful country. Go from small farms to small towns.

Eastern Canada


Most memorable moment was St. Peter's Bay. Usually people drive straight through this area on the way to somehwere else. A provincial park is nearby that has salt water marshes. A very small community with very friendly people.

Quick Tips:

Rent a car and take your time on PEI. Go to the east side one vacation time and then go back to visit the western part of the island. Take your time and enjoy it.

Best Way To Get Around:

Best way to get around is by car. Roads and highways are well maintained. Most of the highways are 2-lane. Walk along one of the many beaches.

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Steve Elliott
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