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Our Visit to Kuta

A September 2004 trip to Kuta by traveller005

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Our Visit to Kuta


Dragon Fly Photo, Kuta, Indonesia
Our first destination was Kuta Beach, where there were lines of surfers in the water's breaking waves and a long sandy coast. Immediately upon setting foot on the beach, you are surrounded by hawkers selling massages on the beach, braids for the lady's hair, surfboard rentals, and carved-wood ornaments. Every second thought was, "No, thank you." Even though it sounds horrific, you still have to experience this. It was a fun game after a while. Eventually they get tired and leave you alone. The best thing to do in Kuta is to shop and walk the crowded streets and narrow alleys. (I hear that partying in Kuta is also good. We didn't have time or the inclination.)Quick Tips: A good tip would be...Read More

Poppies Restaurant


Set in this lush tropical garden, the restaurant was a welcome respite to the busy streets of Kuta. It has a small pond with dragonflys and koy fish in the center of the restuarant. The food was good and cheap. Our favorite was the Tom Yum soup. Just a small warning, though: the food was less authentic than other restuarants we dined in. They've toned it down for the western palate. The experience was best at lunch. At night, the magic of the garden is lost.

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Poppies Restaurant
Poppies Lane II
Kuta, Indonesia
(0361) 751059

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