Victoria Falls Journals

The Smoke The Thunders

An October 1999 trip to Victoria Falls by tjtr23

Quote: The township was a little intimidating but did not stop me from walking from the hotel to the shops or markets. There was a tourist office in town where you can book whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, flight, and game driving to begin with.

The Falls

Best Of IgoUgo


The walk to the falls is hot, but not too far away from town. You do pay an entry fee to enter the park, but the view far outweighs this minimal charge. In October the moisture in the air was enough to dampen most travellers; I can only imagine the drenched visitors in wet season (March to May). We walked through the green forest with glimpses of the falls and then we stumbled upon a thorny makeshift fence that separated us form the Zambezi Gorge. The view from here was wonderful. Wildlife can be seen as we continue to walk along the path, and eventually the sky will open up, flaunting full view of the fall’s edge, which is breathtakingly beautiful. You can walk the other direction from the e...Read More