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Trip to Disney

A March 2004 trip to Kissimmee by Truesdells

Quote: My family and I visited Orlando and spent a week at Disney.

Trip to Disney


Make sure that you do a breakfast with a character because it was just very awesome for the kids.

Quick Tips:

I would definitely plan your trip way in advance and get a detailed plan on where you want to go and what you should get a fast pass for... it comes in handy, trust me.

Best Way To Get Around:

We liked the luxury of having our own car.

World Mark Orlando-Kingstown Reef

Hotel | "Kingstown Reef at the Crowne Plaza"

Best Things Nearby:It was very close to Disney World, Sea World, and the shopping area with grocery stores and the mall.Best Things About the Resort:This resort was very nice and was way more then what we were expecting. It was close to everything.Resort Experience:The view from the rooms overlook the pool, and the landscaping is beautiful. They have two pool and two Jacuzzis that stay open all night. You have your own private deck and the the room is just like home: very spacious, beautifully decorated, and with lots of windows, which I was pretty impressed with. I could have stayed in the room all day and hung out on my deck. ...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on October 22, 2004

World Mark Orlando-Kingstown Reef
12000 International Dr.
Orlando, Florida 32821
(407) 597-2550

Walt Disney World

Attraction | "Trip to Disney World"

When going to the Disney amusement parks, be prepared for a very busy day and lots of fun and exciting events. Don't be disappointed if you don't get to see everything, so prepare yourself ahead of time.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on October 22, 2004

Walt Disney World
Interstate 4 At U.S. Highway 192
Orlando, Florida 32830
(407) 934 7639