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A December 2003 trip to Bonaire by palindromagico

Quote: Imagine being at the "Diver's paradise", where seeing barracudas at 20 meters distance is not uncommon. Where schools of thousands of little fish reflect the seemingly ever-long summer sun. A place where taking *anything* out of the seabed is considered a crime. That's Bonaire.

Local dining


In the morning, you can go for a run along the coast, in quaint Dutch-like roads of brick and concrete. Fishermen coming out of the water with their catch, and possibly with a hand-made gift for their sons or daughters which they made during their trip from Kleine-Bonaire back to mainland. You can witness this from a quaint restaurant-bar right on the water, where the port for cruises is only 200 meters away. You can even have a hamburger, if you miss good old-fashioned American food. Also, if you're there with your partner, the moonlit skies and low glow of the green lanterns on the street, and the sound of the ebb and flow of waves makes an ideal romantic setting. An absolu...Read More

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Local dining
Water front
Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

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