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An unusual Japan

A July 2004 trip to Okinawa by Aya

Villa Hapira Pana Photo, Yokohama, Japan More Photos
Quote: This journal is about an island called Kohama and the main island of Okinawa (and the capital city Naha).

An unusual Japan


Shiisaa Photo, Okinawa, Japan
Kohama was a really beautiful island. I couldn't believe I was in Japan because the sea was so clear and blue. My time here was very relaxing. Scuba diving around Kohama was definitely one of the highlights. Back on the main island, the thing I enjoyed most was shopping. They sell a lot of the same stuff at different shops, so be sure to look around before buying anything. The food in Okinawa was suprisingly amazing. I ate the Okinawa soba (with pork) pretty much every day.Quick Tips: We came across a very friendly cab driver who offered to take us (five people) all in one cab for a tour around Naha on the day of our flight. We left at 9am and managed to have a ...Read More

Villa Hapira Pana

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Hotel | "Villa Hapira Pana (Kohama)"

Villa Hapira Pana Photo, Yokohama, Japan
Villa Hapira Pana is one of the more upscale accommodations on Kohama Island. Once you make a reservation, they will arrange for a bus to pick you up from the port. It is only about 10 to 15 minutes away from the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel, I was amazed by the view. The ocean was beautiful, and I couldn't believe I was in Japan. The interior of the hotel is mainly based on Balinese designs. The room we stayed in had a clear view of the ocean. Although the bathroom has a curtain by the window, you can choose to keep it up and have a bath while enjoying the view. We didn't have much choice with food, because they mostly offer set menus. However, there was plenty of variet...Read More

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Villa Hapira Pana
Yokohama, Japan
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