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Two weeks in Alaska

An August 2004 trip to Alaska by rockpaperscissors

Harding Ice Field Hike Photo, Alaska, United States More Photos
Quote: Wow. Alaska truly knocked my socks off. It also froze my freshly washed underwear hanging on a clothesline, but don't let this deter you! Alaska rocks!
This is the only hostel in Denali, but it is top notch despite the lack of competition. At $25/per night for a bed, it is definitely not as good for your budget as camping, but if you need a hot shower and a real bed after a few days out in the park, this is your place. I would, however, avoid the tent cabin if possible when it's cold out; it's half the warmth for the same price. The people running this place are friendly and welcoming; it's clean and new; and there's a nice mix of young and old people staying here.

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Denali Mountain Morning Hostel
Milepost 224.5 Parks Highway
Denali, Alaska 99755
(907) 683-7503

Juneau HI


It's only $10/night and so clean that you could eat your lunch off the bathroom floor! Uh, the only thing is that there's a shut-out at lunch time, so better make it dinner.

The hostel works on a chore system, so everyone gets one task per night. Most take under 5 minutes, and for $10/night, whose complaining. They also provide sheets and towels.

The only real issue is the shut-out, from 9 to 5 every day. If you arrive in Juneau before check-in, there's a shed around the back where you can leave your bag. Make a reservation if you can. It was packed.

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Harding Ice Field Hike Photo, Alaska, United States
This hike kicked my ass, but in a good way. I was nervous about doing it alone, so I hooked up with the ranger-led hike that departed at 9am from the ranger station at the entrance to the park. This hike runs every Saturday during the summer, but check with the Kenai Fjords Park office in Seward to make sure that it's still on.

It starts out in the forest and involves scrambling over some rocks in the steep sections. Maybe about a mile and a half into it you get above the treeline, and from there, you get great views of the glacier as you continue climbing over a series of hills. Once you get to the top of the glacier where you can see Harding Ice Field, well, just look at the pictures!

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Harding Ice Field Hike
Exit Glacier
Seward, Alaska

Denali National Park

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Denali National Park Photo, Alaska, United States
Words cannot describe... Denali is amazing! There is a jump on/off bus that will take you deep into the park (which is about the size of the state of Massachussetts!... er, the park, not the bus). The idea of sitting on a bus for 8 hours might sound pretty unappealing (it did to me), but it was the best bargain I found in Alaska by far. For $25 bucks, I saw moose and bears gallore, caribou, dahl sheep, eagles, and some of the most gorgeous scenery I've ever experienced. Recommendations: 1. Early September is the time to go, as crowds and mosquitos thin out (Ii didn't get bitten once, but then again, I was wearing three layers of clothing...), and the autumn colors of the tundra a...Read More