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A weekend in Queretaro

A September 2004 trip to Queretaro by JANGO FETT

Quote: Queretaro is a great place to have a peaceful and fun weekend.

A weekend in Queretaro


I remeber when we climbed the Peña de Bernal because it was very fun and a little bit risky. When you´re up there, you realize that the peak is very high also!

Quick Tips:

Bring the basic equipment to climb, like helmets and gloves.

Best Way To Get Around:

You may want to rent a car, as there´s a lot of parking places and taking taxis all the time may be expensive.
This is a great restaurant to have a dinner with your family, and it is next to the downtown square, so you´ll have a very nice view of this old city!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on October 11, 2004

El Porton de Santiago
Pasteur Norte # 37, Centro Historico
Queretaro, Mexico 76000