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Ristorante Rome'

An October 2004 trip to Piacenza by vivimero

Quote: Great restaurant...news will follow.

Ristorante Rome

Restaurant | "Ristorante Rome'"

It was wonderful. We were on strike, and, with colleagues, we decided to go to eat out in the hills area. My friend Alberto lives there, so we followed his advice.

The place was full, strange for a Monday morning. I loved it. Great appetizers if you like Coppa and salame, Russian salad (that is Italian, veggies with mayo), ravioli with ragu, and an excellent risotto with mushrooms. If you like them, the real specials there are escargot and frogs. I don't like them but...

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on October 5, 2004

Ristorante Rome
Casoni Borroni di Mezzana Bigli
Piacenza, Italy
(03) 848-8018

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