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A travel journal to Abruzzo by Taurusgal

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Quote: San Leonardo, Italy: population 1,500 -- Not a Hilton Hotel in sight and the only McDonald's ever built in this area went out of business in under two years. Rome may have the Coliseum, but this town has soul to spare.

Overview: Abruzzo and its Small Villages

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Italian Pastries Photo, Abruzzo, Italy
It’s sad to think that most people will never travel to the wonderfully authentic and unique region of Abruzzo. Understandably, there is so much to see and do in Firenze, Roma, and Venezia that there just isn’t enough time to take it all in on one trip. But if you’ve ever exhausted the long museum lines, pricey admission fees, and all right, yes, some of the most amazing, breathtaking, and important architectural and art masterpieces on the planet, there are alternatives! Allow me to make a poor comparison: if Roma and Milano are the NYC and Washington, DC of Italy, then Abruzzo is the entire Great Plains. It’s the bread basket, milk, goat cheese, grapes, and heart of Italy. Drive west and within...Read More

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