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On the edge of darkness

A September 2001 trip to Jeddah by irac

Stadium Photo, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia More Photos
Quote: I arrived to Jeddah the week before the world caught fire. Over the following two years, I moved right into the heart of all things unholy!

On the edge of darkness


Stadium Photo, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Sitting in a net cafe, listening to Irish radio on a Sunday, and Al Jazeera's broadcast of captured U.S. troops to angry locals all around. Eating shawarma beside Hera'a. Seeing the filth and squalor more than half the country lives in. Climbing out of the pool and driving 2 minutes to a bedu camp.Quick Tips: Be brave and wander out at night and you'll see the real Jeddah. Do dress modestly and steer clear of the Western hotel beaches, rip-offs, and wastes of time. Eat local-it's fresher and cleaner than the more recognised places! Again, be brave!Best Way To Get Around: Driving; although it's frightening every time you climb behind the wheel, a car is a must. Fo...Read More

Saudi versus Iran

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Saudi versus Iran Photo, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Everybody who said they would go pulled out. Everybody who talked the talk were more than a little afraid to walk the walk. Just a couple of weeks after September 11, 2001, only a month into my sojourn in Jeddah, the predominantly Shia Muslim state of Iran were playing the overwhelmingly Sunni state of Saudi Arabia. It was one of THE most anticipated matches in Asian football with the two battling it out for a place in the World Cup 2002. I pulled every string I could to get a ticket, finally being handed one by a prince I taught to join the Saudi supporters in the battle of Jeddah. It went wrong, sort of, after that. I went alone to the game, my colleagues fearful of reprisals ...Read More

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Saudi versus Iran
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia