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A September 2004 trip to Jekyll Island by Chess-ter

Jekyll 4-H Center Photo, Jekyll Island, Georgia More Photos
Quote: I went on a field trip to Jekyll Island with my school. There I learned all about ecology through the 4-H Center. This is a beautiful place in Georgia.

Jekyll Island 4-H Center

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Jekyll 4-H Center Photo, Jekyll Island, Georgia
I went to Jekyll Island with my fifth-grade class for a two-night field trip. We stayed in dorm-like rooms with six kids and one adult chaperone. We slept on bunkbeds. The lodging was definitely not luxurious, but it was comfortable. The Program: In the mornings we got up and went to breakfast. Then we went to a place called Canteen, where you could buy things like candy or t-shirts. All the proceeds from things you buy at Canteen go to the maintenance of the 4-H Center. Then we were separated into groups for small classes. Then we got to do hands-on learning at places like Boneyard Beach. It is called Boneyard Beach because erosion has knocked down so many trees t...Read More