Languedoc Roussillon Journals

Village life in the Languedoc

An August 2004 trip to Languedoc Roussillon by studelyknowles

Quote: An exploration of the beautiful Languedoc-Roussillion: towns, villages, lakes, rivers, and of course, gastronomie!

Village life in the Languedoc


The Aude River has some fantastic swimming holes if you keep your eyes peeled. There are often lay-bys to pull into, and nothing is more refreshing on a hot day than a quick dip on the way home.

Quick Tips:

The region is justly renowned for its great markets: Limoux on a Friday, Esperaza on a Sunday and Mirepoix on a Monday are my favourites.

Best Way To Get Around:

If you want to get a real feel for the area, you really need to hire a car, as many places are fairly remote and away from the coast and major towns public transport is virtually nonexistent.

Repas-Spectacle under the Stars

Best Of IgoUgo


As summer residents in the tiny village of Bugarach, we were invited to the annual repas-spectacle: a heady combination of three-course dinner in the town place and local talent showcase. You are expected to bring your own plates and cutlery and for 13 euros get charcuterie, paella, turron and as much wine as you can drink. The seating is rather informal - trying to wedge yourself in between the boulanger and his family certainly breaks the ice - and between courses you are treated to the cream of Bugarach's talent. As Bugarach is a village of around 300 people, we were not surprised when the same two teenage girls appeared for the fourth time in yet another guise, this time as belly-dancers, a...Read More