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Two Trips into Denali National Park

An August 2004 trip to Denali by kstraveler

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Quote: We took two tours into Denali National Park during our trip to Alaska. Both tours left from the Mt. McKinley Chalet, and both were in school buses. The first tour was a short Natural History Tour and the second was a Tundra and Wildlife Viewing Tour.

Two Trips into Denali National Park

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DENALI NATIONAL PARK Photo, Denali, Alaska
We took tour bus tours of Denali National Park. The first was a Natural History Tour, and was, by far, the best of the two tours. The reason for this was the difference in the interest and enthusiasm of the two drivers. When we saw a grizzly bear, it was a very memorable moment for everyone on the tour. Quick Tips: Pack a few snacks in your backpack and take a bottle of water with you. The bus tours last for hours and you will get hungry and thirsty while on the tour. We were provided with a small bottle of water and a light box lunch, but we had brought a few healthy snacks with us, and we were fine. You will also want to pack a windbreaker or jacket, since the weather in Alaska is so...Read More
Motel Nord Haven Photo, Denali, Alaska
Our room was a large motel-style room. It had a small table and two chairs plus a refrigerator and a microwave. Our room was spotless and we were glad we had chosen Motel Nord Haven. My husband was delighted that the TV cable had both CNN and the Fox News Channel. I was delighted that a computer, with free Internet access provided, was just outside our room. I like to keep up with family and friends wherever we are. Each morning we had a wonderful breakfast with fresh fruit, cereals, milk, coffee, juice, toast, and boiled eggs. The staff at the motel was always nice and friendly. The owner has beautiful flowers outside, and everything is well cared for. Motel Nord Haven is a wonderful place t...Read More

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Motel Nord Haven
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McKINLEY CHALET RESORT Photo, Denali, Alaska
The McKinley Chalet Resort is located in Denali. When we reserved our tours of Denali National Park, we were told to come to the Chalet and pick up our tickets. While we were there, we were told that McKinley Chalet also had an evening of entertainment called Alaska Cabin Nite. It sounded like fun and we bought tickets for that, also. The Chalet Lobby is very pretty and we loved the display of animals, and the replica of Denali and the other mountains in Denali National Park.
ALASKA CABIN NITE Photo, Denali, Alaska
After hearing about Alaska Cabin Nite, we decided to buy tickets. We had a wonderful evening of singing Christmas carols, eating delicious food and laughing at a very funny and entertaining play. The food servers also provided the evening's entertainment. The evening began with Christmas Carols and a story about people who were snowed in at the Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone National Park in the month of August of some year in the past. They decided to celebrate Christmas and sing Christmas Carols. At Cabin Nite, with the help of a wonderful piano player, we continued that tradition. While we were singing, our food was served to us, family style, and we were directed to let our server know if...Read More