Accra Journals


A March 2004 trip to Accra by OBRONI

Quote: Ghana again...just cannot get enough of the place. I traveled to the Volta region this time, including the Ewe tribal lands as well as many other places. Must put pictures on here one day...



Traveling across the Volto via the Amframn plains pontoon. First, of course, you have to drive across the mountains; there is not really a road but you still see tro-tros trying to get across.Quick Tips: Go everywhere and see everything you can. Do not stay just in Accra or Kumasi - get out and stop at a few villages or rest over in Nkawkaw if you are traveling from Accra to Kumasi. There are several hotels from Rojos, some a bit expensive with a swimming pool and more, and one called Starting Point, which is very cheap, nice, peaceful, has a beer bar, and the owner will cook for you.Best Way To Get Around: STC if you want state transport; it is very safe and clean but has no...Read More