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An August 2004 trip to Western Caribbean by qcommconsultants

Quote: This was a wonderful cruise. Even though there was bad weather on the Florida mainland, we had another great cruise.

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For all of you browsing and searching for a cruise, this is definitely the way to go: Book your cruise at the last minute, as I only paid $271 for this cruise, and that includes all taxes and port charges!!! This cruise was originally set for four nights, but it ended up lasting a total of 7 nights. WOW! I guess the unfortunate thing was that since the hurricanes hit South Florida yearly, there is always concern when travelling during this time of year. Our cruise stayed WELL away from the storms, and the captain made it very clear that we may well be delayed in getting back into port (Miami) if the hurricanes are around. In any case, we all made the best of things - that wasn't too...Read More