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Ice Climbing in Ouray, Colorado

A February 2003 trip to Colorado by Izzyvet

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Quote: This was a return trip to ice climb in Ouray. Ouray has become somewhat a mecca for the sport. They have a huge ice-park with over 200 named climbs, all within walking distance of your hotel room. The easy access is key.
Box Canyon Lodge Photo, Ouray, Colorado
Very simple hotel room, but the beauty of this place comes from the natural hot springs on the property. A series of hot tubs are built into the hill behind the property and they vary a bit in temperature. It's fun to swap around tubs until you find just the right one. They were never too crowded. Make sure you bring sandals and a robe, as there is usually snow out to the tubs.

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Box Canyon Lodge
45 Third Avenue
Ouray, Colorado 81427
(970) 325-4981

Ice climbing


Ice Climbing Photo, Ouray, Colorado
My second time ice climbing. I have a little bit of experience with rock climbing, but was a little hesitant to try ice climbing. After watching a few other beginners, I gave it a go.

We had a wonderful time and my husband tried it also. We did two climbs in the South Park area, which is about a 20-minute hike away from the main park.

Both of my climbs were top-roped, which makes it very safe. I had my brother and his friend set up most of the belays. They are very experienced climbers so there wasn't much to worry about.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on September 16, 2004