Western Caribbean Journals


A May 2004 trip to Western Caribbean by Izzyvet

Heading to Belize Photo, Western Caribbean, Caribbean More Photos
Quote: This was my third cruise with Royal Caribbean and my second on a Voyager Class ship. I had so much fun on the Adventure of the Seas two years ago that I invited my parents along for their first cruise and wanted to definitely be on a Voyager Class ship.



Heading to Belize Photo, Western Caribbean, Caribbean
Got up early for tender tickets. We had a private tour scheduled with Coral Breeze and needed to meet them at 11am. We got the third tender ticket and, after waiting for what seemed like forever, we were off.

We ended up about 30 minutes early. We were warned that it was a 45-minute tender ride, but it was only 10 or 15 minutes. The Coral Breeze tour was really wonderful, with very good snorkeling and a good lunch.

Did not hang around the Tourism Village all that long (we were kind of fried after being in the sun all day), so we headed back to the ship.

Costa Maya


Pez Quadro Photo, Western Caribbean, Caribbean
We took a cab into Majahaul and hung out at the Pez Quadro beach bar for a while. Nice beach area that offered massages under a huge tree. No lounge chairs available here though (well there was one, which we were able to grab after an hour or so).

Then when we felt like lunch, so we headed to Oxtankha. My husband had a lobster dish and I had shrimp ceviche - both very good, but kind of pricy. Nice view of the beach from the restaurant though.

Shopped a little bit in the pier area - bought a shirt for Caribbean night. I think I might book a tour if I came back here again.



Cozumel Photo, Western Caribbean, Caribbean
Had never been around to see the island on our previous trips here, so we decided to rent a jeep and hit as many beach bars as possible. What an enjoyable day we had and what a beautiful island!

We hit Playa Corona, Paradise Cafe, the Rasta Bar, Chen Rio, and stopped to sight-see at El Mirador. Then we had lunch at Senor Iguanas before heading back to San Miguel.

The food at Senor Iguanas was about the best we had on this trip and very reasonable. My husband and I split a seafood platter with shrimp, lobster, fish, and conch for $20. We all got empanada appetizers included with our meal. I get hungry just thinking about it again!

Grand Cayman


Grand Cayman Photo, Western Caribbean, Caribbean
Grand Cayman. Had done the stingray thing, but wanted to snorkel. We had heard about Cemetary Reef on the boards, so we decided to check it out. Took a cab for $10 for both of us and off we went. It's just north of 7-mile Beach, so not too far. You do have to swim out quite a ways to get to the reef from the beach, but it is a wonderful snorkeling spot. Immense varieties of fish and sea life. The coral formations aren't huge and they are kind of spread apart, but the calmness and clarity of the water will astound you. We snorkeled for about an hour and then headed back to the pier area. We had to take the public bus back, as no cab service up this way, but it was only $5 for the both of us a...Read More