Accra Journals

Adventures in Accra

A travel journal to Accra by pluralofcow

Quote: Accra is a vibrant city with an excellent nightlife. Restaurants and clubs of all types offer something for everyone. Here are some of my favorites.

Adventures in Accra


Eating at Next Door along the coast, while the waves wash in merely feet away; Indian food at Haveli; music at Bywel; street food.Quick Tips: Osu is the most popular ex-pat neighborhood in the city, and is located near Danquah Circle. It has supermarkets, restaurants, and shops. There are a number of popular places in Adabraka and near Nkrumah Circle (commonly known as circ).Best Way To Get Around: It's easy to inexpensively get around Accra by taxi, rarely are fares above 20,000 cedis. But if you're scrimping, ride a shared taxi or a tro tro, which takes a bit more courage, but costs less than 1,000 cedis on most cross-town routes. The system is more formal than it looks; ask...Read More