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A July 2004 trip to Dhaka by gazi shahid

Quote: Dhaka is the city of high-rise buildings and slums. Dhaka is the city of carpeted street and broken, narrow roads. It is the city of CNG cars and rickshaws. It is the city of the richest and poorest. It is the city of contrast.


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Dhaka is the rich capital of a poor country - Bangladesh. It was known as the city of mosques and muslin, a kind of clothing made of very fine fiber. The age of muslin is over. It is now the city of mosques and rickshaws. After see the high-rise buildings and VIP roads of Dhaka city, none could believe that Bangladesh is a poor country. Dhaka has been developing fast as a modern city. It is the center of industrial, commercial, cultural, educational, and political activities. Motijheel is the main commercial area of the city. Dhaka’s waterfront, Sadarghat, is on the bank of the Buriganga and is crowded with all kinds of river crafts, yachts, country boats, motor launch, and fishermen...Read More
I visited the national park on 15 October 2004. It is situated at Bhawal, 40 kilometers north of Dhaka City. It is on the Dhaka-Trishal-Mymensingh highway. It is a green, shady place. It is calm and quiet, free from urban chaos. It is an ideal spot for visitors, artists, photographers, ornithologists, and tourists. Its area is about 200 square miles. Its main flora is Gajari (Assam sal), and fauna includes small bears, monkeys, porcupines, foxes, pythons, lizards, and many other local birds. A 1000-metre long, meandering man-made lake with angling and rowing facilities and the flower gardens inside are added attractions to the natural beauty. Mere walking or lazing under the shade of trees is pl...Read More

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Bhawal National Park

Dhaka, Bangladesh