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Democrats in Boston

A July 2004 trip to Boston by SFPhotocraft

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Quote: We had booked a week prior to family week and hoped to do Boston. To our surprise, the Democratic National Convention was in town that week and Boston was a zoo. We slipped in for a one-day visit.

Democrats in Boston

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Boston Photo, Boston, Massachusetts
We had been planning to do Boston the week prior to Family Week in Cape Cod. In our planning, we were shocked at the prices in Boston that week. A Quality Inn was per night! What is up with that, we asked? We soon learned we had planned our Boston getaway during the Democratic National Convention! Boston was gouging the Democrats! We chose to stay up in Salem and pay a reasonable price. We did Boston as a one-day visit. I was worried about the crowds during the convention. However, it turned out to be a great to visit Boston. The crowds were thin, tourists were scared away, and things ran smoothly. It was also fun to see political celebrities in town. We saw Ron Reagan, J...Read More

Anthony's Pier 4

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Anthony's Pier 4 Photo, Boston, Massachusetts
Anthony's Pier 4 is a Boston staple. It's been around for years, a part of the Boston harbor. It was a favorite haunt of the Kennedy family and the Boston elite for years. Take a minute to look at all the famous photos in the main lobby. You will see just about everyone has eaten at Anthony's Pier 4. I can't go to Boston and not have an Anthony's fix. Anthony's sits on the end of Pier 4 and looks across to Logan Airport. The views are fun as you can watch the ferry's depart to the Cape, pleasure craft, and jets landing at Logan. It's a lot of activity and fun for the kids. Anthony's looks like it should look - a New England seafood place. It's l...Read More

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Anthony's Pier 4
140 Northern Ave
Boston, Massachusetts 02210
+1 617 482 6262

New England Aquarium Photo, Boston, Massachusetts
The New England Aquarium is front and center on the main wharf in Boston. It's a new glass and steel building and is easy to spot. It's very stylish and modern. The cost is $8.95 for adults and $6.95 for kids. When you enter the first exhibit, the first things that greet you are the silly penguins. They are a riot as they waddle around their make-shift iceberg. You can watch them from all sides. I could spend the whole day here. The aquarium has shows through out the day. They will announce them over the loud speaker and when you hear a show called, head for the area they tell you. The shows do fill up. We love the sea lion show. Those guys sure are smart and Patrick was lucky en...Read More

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New England Aquarium
Central Wharf
Boston, Massachusetts 02110
(617) 973-5200