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A May 2001 trip to Las Vegas by Grandbea

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Quote: We were in Las Vegas, Nevada from May 25 to June 1st.

Wyndham Grand Desert

Hotel | "Fairfied Grand Desert"

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Our only problem with this resort was the building of a new portion. All that banging outside made for early mornings. Other than that, everything was fantastic, and we had a wonderful visit.

  • Unit Type: 2 Bedroom
  • Activities: Good
  • Amenities: Very Good
  • Unit Satisfaction: Very Good
  • Family Friendliness: Not Available
  • Service: Very Good

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on September 11, 2004

Wyndham Grand Desert
265 East Harmon Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
(800) 4386493



Night in Las Vegas Photo, Las Vegas, Nevada
We were in Las Vegas Nevada from May 25 to June 1st, staying at a condo in the Fairfield Grand Desert Resort. We had a great time. The temperatures were brutal, as high as 115° on some days. We did a lot of walking in the city and driving outside the city, (with lots of bottled water). We visited all the casinos along the strip and went to the light show on Freemont Street. We saw The Lord of the Dance at New York New York, and the Scintas show at the Rio. We took a dinner cruise on Lake Meade and toured Hoover Dam. We were interviewed by a reporter about the bomb scare that closed the dam and tied up traffic for most of the afternoon. We spent one day driving out to the dessert and findi...Read More