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A September 2006 trip to San Francisco by Sierra

Famous Daves Barbeque Photo, Gilroy, California More Photos
Quote: Although there's lots to see in San Francisco, sometimes you need or want to get out of the city.

Famous Dave's Barbeque

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Restaurant | "Famous Dave's"

Famous Dave's Barbeque Photo, Gilroy, California
The part of the country best known for BBQ, and more specifically, ribs, is Texas. So it may surprise you that the founder of Famous Dave's, Dave Anderson, actually grew up in Chicago.After 25 years spent perfecting his ribs/BBQ recipes, and opening his first location in 1994 at Big Round Lake in Hayward, MN, Famous Dave's has expanded to locations nationwide.New locations are built to resemble the original Famous Dave's, which was designed as an Adirondack-style cabin. Strung lights, checkered tablecloths, and hewn-log decor makes you feel like feel more like you're sitting down at a county fair than a restaurant....Read More

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Famous Dave's Barbeque
6925 Camino Arroyo
Gilroy, California 95020
(408) 842-1400

Osmosis Enzyme Bath Spa

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I enjoy mudbaths, but they are pretty messy (not to mention kind of stinky from the sulfur!). When my mother recently accompanied me on a trip to Wine Country, she was up for the idea of a spa day, but not particularly eager to slide into a giant tub of mud. By chance, I found the website for Osmosis, the enzyme bath spa. The Cedar Enzyme Bath, which is well-known in Japan, is relatively unknown in the US; Osmosis currently offers the only such facility in the US. Osmosis is located on Bohemian Highway just off Route 12 in Freestone, California, less than 2 hours north of San Francisco. They do not offer any lodging on-site, but there are a number of...Read More
Children's Bell Tower Photo, Bodega Bay, California
The California coastline beyond San Francisco stretches for over 300 miles towards the Oregon coast, a land of rolling golden hills, heart-stopping drives, and stunning vistas. A few towns of a welcoming size are strung along the shore, tucked into fisherman-friendly bends among the hills - Stinson Beach, Gualala, Jenner, Ft. Bragg, Eureka. Most of these towns are small, perhaps a few hundred, or few thousand residents, with a lifestyle that blends mostly outdoors occupations (farming, logging, fishing, tourism, sports) with a strong sense of community.One of the best-known of these sleepy towns is Bodega Bay, population 950, located 68 miles of San Francisco. Bodega Bay's claim to fame...Read More