Asuncion Journals

The tricks of entering Paraguay to see Jesuit ruins

A May 2003 trip to Asuncion by louisejohnsson1

Quote: A decription of the challenges of entering Paraguay and the rewards seeing old Jesuit ruins.
Paraguay is not a country that necessarily operates in the same was say as – United States or Sweden. One thing is for sure - it is passport stamping galore to get in there. Coming from Argentina, in order to leave one needs to obtain an exist stamp and in order to enter Paraguay one needs an entry stamp - going back, this process is reverse and very time consuming. If one re-enters Argentina without having received the exit stamp they get VERY confused. How can you re-enter when you in theory never left? Never mind the fact that you are standing there right in front of them. Since when does reality matter? I was traveling with a French woman I had just met and I did not by any means want to be...Read More