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Washer and Dryer combination Photo, Kyoto, Japan More Photos
Quote: Stinky laundry in immaculate Kyoto, is no way to present yourself. Just like when you were in high school everybody knows and remembers the stinky outcast. Peruse these journals to find the nearest coin laundry to your hotel, hostel, university, or train station.

Kyoto Coin Laundries

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I was asked by Igougo member to compile a brief guide to coin laundry locations near Kyoto Station. The good news is that the facilities exist, but the bad news is that they are several blocks away from the station. I have posted maps to guide you to the correct locations but unfortunately they are in Japanese, so if you are not literate in Japanese, these maps may hold little meaning. The maps are however useful for when you arrive in Japan as point of fact; few Japanese consider themselves literate in English. In other words, showing this map to a station attendant, taxi driver or just a passer by with yield quicker and more accurate results than a comparable English map in my opinion. Quick T...Read More
Washer and Dryer combination Photo, Kyoto, Japan
Address: Kyoto-shi, Minami-ku, Higashikujyo, Kawanishicho 6.

Standard, clean facilities with new washer and dryer. Waiting area is large enough to accommodate about 3 people. A vending machine is available selling detergent and softener. This location also has a money changing machine. Telephone: 075-691-3631

Himawari Laundry Photo, Kyoto, Japan
To access the "Himawari Laundry" it is necessary to take the JR Sagano Line for a three-minute ride stopping at the first station from Kyoto Station. The Sagano line is located on platforms 32 and 33. Look for the blue signs posted throughout the station for the destination names Kameoka or Sonobe. The Station you will be looking for is called TAMBAGUCHI. The platform sign is written in Arabic letters (romaji) as well as Kanji and Hiragana. The cost is 220 yen to Tambaguchi but is free if you use the JR rail pass. From Tambaguchi Station please exit the station onto the major four-lane road in front of the station. The road is called Gojyou-Dori and is one of Japan's most famous roads as it con...Read More
Awazu Laundry Photo, Kyoto, Japan
The "Awazu laundry" is a good alternative to laundries located next to the train stations. This laundry would be a good stop on your way to visiting Heian-Jingu. From JR Kyoto Station take City Bus 5 to "Kyoto Kaikan Bijitusu-kan Mae." It is a 10-minute walk from "Higashi-yama" Tozai line subway stop. It is a 15-minute walk from Keihan Railway's Sanjo Station. Once you have found Heian Jingu, you will then need to walk its perimeter heading north until you reach the road called Marutamachi-dori. Once you find that road you will need to walk west for about half a block and then turn right. After turning you will snake your way down a narrow sidewalk-like road until you see a large building. The laundry...Read More