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Hippies Rejoice - The Eugene Sturday Market

A July 2004 trip to Eugene by BrieMcCue

Quote: Three city blocks of color, food, music, and handmade crafts. The Saturday Market is a staple of Eugene, or sightseeing and excellent people watching.

Hippies Rejoice - The Eugene Sturday Market


The Saturday Market is about as bustling as I have ever seen Eugene on a weekly basis. One block is full of arts and crafts that range from tie-dyed underwear to children’s fairy wings to rain sticks and prayer stones. It is a great place for one of a kind finds because it was made a Market rule that only homemade work can be entered. The second block is jam-packed with food that has always made deciding what to eat a tough decision. Rita's Burritos, a local organic burrito shop, create huge plates of food with an interesting Oregon twists. Other delicious eats range from Indian to good ol' deep-dish pizza. The third block is dedicated completely to the Farmer Market, where you can buy all of your fre...Read More