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Lake Tahoe

An April 2002 trip to South Lake Tahoe by legokid50

Quote: A great trip that we took to Lake Tahoe.

Heavenly Ski Resort


We went to Lake Tahoe for one reason. To ski. The Lake Tahoe area has many different ski resorts, each with its own pros and cons. Since we were staying at the Tahoe Seasons Resort right across the street from Heavenly Mountain, we decided we would go there. The lift across the street was a cable-car tram that held about thirty people. It takes you about half way up the mountain to an area with restaurants where you can catch other lifts going in different directions. Overall, it was a very nice mountain. They had great trails that were always freshly groomed, and it wasn’t crowded at all. (Maybe that was because we came toward the very end of the season, I don’t know.) The trails aren’t qu...Read More

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Heavenly Ski Resort
988 Stateline Avenue
South Lake Tahoe, California
(775) 586-7000