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A June 2004 trip to Vancouver by kesh4

Quote: Vancouver is a beautiful city, one of my favorites. Like the coastal cities of San Francisco and Seattle, it is filled with character and friendly people.

Vancouver Aquarium


Our family enjoys aquariums, zoos, etc., but we found this one to be too expensive for they had to offer. The place is not that big, and there was only one show with Beluga whales. We just returned from Marine World/ Africa U.S.A. in California paying $22.00 per person, and yet, getting a lot for our money. We saw six wonderfully put together animal shows there, and it is a Six Flags park too. The Vancouver Aquarium is very educational (and environmentally conscious), but you don't get much for your money. This is my reason for rating it lower. We expected a lot more for the price.

Member Rating 2 out of 5 on August 27, 2004

Vancouver Aquarium
845 Avison Way
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 3X8
(604) 659-3474