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Quote: Thailand has many excellent restaurants and food stalls. Here is how to find them and avoid stomach problems. One important thing to remember is that ice that is round with a hole in it is OK. Stay away from shaved or block ice.

Thai restaurants

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Thai restaurants Photo, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Do you ever wonder why there are so many Thai restaurants and food stalls in Chiangmai? I did, and my Thai wife explains it like this. Why stay home and cook when you can get ready-to-eat food that is cheaper than cooking at home? Most Thais do not cook at home unless they have a big family. By the time you go to the market for fresh ingredients, prepare and cook and eat the food, hours have been wasted. Most of the ingredients last only a day or so, so much gets thrown out. The price of cooking gas just to cook for two persons is not worth it. So Thais get their food from vendors to take home or go to a restaurant. If you look into a refrigerator in a Thai home you would probably find only wate...Read More

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