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Interrail to Interlaken

An October 1985 trip to Interlaken by thebigfella

Quote: After interrailing through the rolling countryside of France and Geneva, I headed for the big stuff and the ideal base, Interlaken.

Interrail to Interlaken

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With the flatness of Lake Geneva behind you, your train starts to head into a totally different type of terrain. Born and bred in Australia, I had never seen a real mountain before, and as we started to get close to Interlaken, I was suddenly struck dumb by the amazing height of the peaks around me - and these were only the foothills! With the Bernese Alps looming up on the horizon and these giant "hills" around me, I was hit by a wave of insecurity. I was feeling totally insignificant amongst this majestic landscape. My destination was Interlaken, so called for obvious reasons, as it straddles two lakes - Thuner and Brienzer. I was booked in at the Youth Hostel Bonigen situated on ...Read More