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Vermont - Get close to your family and nature

A July 2004 trip to Vermont by Deeds

Quote: Want a relaxing vacation that will bring your family closer together while still offering plenty of opportunities for you and your spouse to have some alone time? Smuggler's Notch is a beautiful resort with fun, fun, fun for everyone.

Vermont - Get close to your family and nature


We love all the pools at Smuggler's Notch resort. There are plenty to pick from with slides, tubes, activities and snack bar. They think of everything at Smuggler's Notch. You can explore nature and all there is at the resort together or apart. There are many camps for the kids to take part in or you don't have to participate in this if you don't want to. The best part about Smuggs is there is NO PRESSURE to buy there. Do whatever you want or don't want.Quick Tips: Best Way To Get Around: The best way to get around the resort is either by walking or taking advantage of the shuttle. The shuttle service is new since we visited in 2001. We found it convenient and quick. The dr...Read More



If you enjoy hiking you have many choices in this area. You can pick from the many hikes offered by Smuggler's Notch resort or you can go off on your own. We hiked every morning with the resort, then went out on our own whenever the mood struck us. The resort offers hikes of any level of difficulty. We enjoyed the hike to Sterling pond in Smuggler's Notch pass. You can also sign up for hikes of the surrounding area through Smuggler's Notch resort.

If you are not into hiking, but want to walk off the big meal you just ate, Stowe offers a beautiful, paved, measured hiking/biking path, conveniently located in the midst of many wonderful restaurants.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on August 15, 2004