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Thrills in the heart of England

An October 2003 trip to Staffordshire by pinkbear

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Quote: For those who think the English don't know how to have any fun, a visit to Alton Towers for an action-packed day is in order!

Thrills in the heart of England


oblivion Photo, Staffordshire, England
Nemesis and Air are both amazing roller coasters with a difference; however, Oblivion is still a favourite. The world's first vertical-drop roller coaster, the ride only lasts 12 seconds, but I guarantee it will be the most gut-wrenching 12 seconds you have experienced!Quick Tips: If travelling to Alton Towers in summer, consider staying at the on-site hotel for 'priority ride time' or book in advance for priority tickets - the crowds during English school holidays are quite horrendous.Best Way To Get Around: It's essential to take a 'sky ride' while in the park, although it's not a good idea for those who aren't good with heights - the cable car has a habit of swaying quite a lot w...Read More
All rooms are as you'd expect for a theme park, including large teddy bear to greet you and an in-room treasure hunt for kids (large and small!) Discovery (standard) rooms sleep three, or you can splash out on the themed rooms, including a chocolate suite!!

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Alton Towers Hotel
Farley Lane
Alton, Staffordshire ST10 4DB

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