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Win Big at Emerald Coast Poker Run

An August 2004 trip to Fort Walton Beach by travelwisdom

Quote: The annual Emerald Coast Poker Run is an opportunity for poker run enthusiasts to enjoy the "best beaches in Florida" and try their hand at winning big prizes.

Emerald Coast Poker Run

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Attraction | "Emerald Coast Poker Run Is Fun on the Water"

Promoted as "the best and the biggest," the Annual Emerald Coast Poker Run in Fort Walton Beach, Florida draws over 250 boats and 1,500 participants each August. Who says the Poker Run is "the best and the biggest"? Powerboat Magazine (April 2004), chose the Emerald Coast event as the Best Poker Run in the United States and No. 2 in North America in the Top Ten Best Poker Runs. Since most poker runs are for-profit events, the Emerald Coast Poker Run also lays claim to being the largest charity poker run in the U.S. For boaters, the purpose of the extravaganza is to enjoy a day on the water, collect a winning poker hand, and leave with the grand prize. In 2004, t...Read More

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Emerald Coast Poker Run
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