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Fun at Otter River State Forest

A July 2004 trip to Baldwinville by DonnieR

Quote: Parallel to the Lake Dennison area in Winchendon is another pastoral area that is equally charming in its environs.

Fun at Otter River State Forest


This is a popular camping spot in the beautiful area of the North Central part of Massachusetts, which includes 89 campsites, a swim beach, a ball field, and picnic areas.

Quick Tips:

You'll need your adventuresome spirit, as it is very rustic, and you may need some bug repellant as well, because at certain times of the year, there are lots of pesky mosquitoes flying around.

Best Way To Get Around:

The best way to get around is either by walking, or hiking. You can drive around, but you miss a great deal of the area.
Best Things Nearby:The forest is home to numerous wildflowers and shrubs, deer, chipmunks, catbirds, warblers, and other wildlife.Best Things About the Resort:The recreation area has Universal Access, walking trails, mountain biking, and it accommodates group camping. It is open from mid-May to Columbus Day.Resort Experience:This area's developed facilities are centered on Beaman Pond and include 89 campsites, swim beach, ball field, picnic areas and some camping. Some of the forest area was cleared in the 19th century for small farms, and after the state of Massachusetts acquired the land, it was reforested with groves of pines planted by the Civilian Conse...Read More

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Otter River State Forest
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Baldwinville, Massachusetts
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