Boston Journals

College Football in Boston

An October 2000 trip to Boston by Ramsey

Quote: Boston College football becomes Syracuse Reunion

College Football in Boston


Tailgate next to Boston College's stadium, crash college parties in the little apartments that are right by the stadium and the tennis courts.Quick Tips: eXchange (bar on State St.)is a great place for dancing and playing pool. Great music and lots of people. No dress code but can have a short wait. Darkroom (also on State St.) is crowded and is a long, but not wide, space. Kind of lame. Not a dancing or raging kind of scene. Wiskey's is a fun bar (Mass Ave.?) for hanging out with friends - lots of room and tons of people. Best Way To Get Around: DO NOT plan on getting public transportation after the bars close, it isn't running at that time and cabs are close to impossible t...Read More