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Zagreb, City Beyond the Grave...

A June 2004 trip to Zagreb by Gaires2359

Night clubs of Zagreb Photo, Zagreb, Croatia More Photos
Quote: It's a real party down this "night club"! The most amazing space-saving idea I've ever heard of where one plot can bury up to 30 people!

Zagreb, City Beyond the Grave...


Night clubs of Zagreb Photo, Zagreb, Croatia
One of the must-sees when visiting Zagreb is Mirogoj Cemetery. With ivy-lined promenades and resting place of many prominent figures including famous artists and politicians: Drazen Petrovie, Franjo Tudman, Petar Preradovie, Ljudevita Gaja and Stjepan Radi. A cemetery which is non-religion bias, shows the ways different religions, languages and cultures express themselves here. Some of the plots along the promendades especially the larger ones on the right have ostentatious artwork and expensive stonework, with votive candles that burn eternally, and practically overflow with colourful flowers of all kinds. As much a memorial as it is a sightseeing destination with emaculately manicur...Read More